Robin Uses This

Posted on 2022-05-10

I really enjoy reading uses this to get some ideas about what kind of tooling other people use, and of course to borrow ideas, so I thought I'd do my own version of this. This is also a page instead of a post, and I will try to keep it up to date, as my setup keeps changing.


My workstation is optimised for portability, so everything is relatively small and packs well for travel, while maximising ergonomics:

2018 15" Apple MacBook Pro
Got it for free, works
Roost Laptop Stand
Saves my neck and posture
Keyboardio Atreus Keyboard
Using the Colemak layout
Apple Magic Trackpad
Better for RSI (for me)
beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Open-back, wired
Anker 7-in-1 USB-C Hub
Works well with the stand, and is the single thing to unplug when taking the computer away
Yubikey 5C Nano
Has my GPG- and SSH-keys


Really just the current version of macOS, the MacPorts version of Emacs, and Firefox Developer Edition.

The specifics of my setup change a lot. I use org-mode for most writing, but otherwise I only use my email in Emacs, via notmuch. I have been down the "do everything inside Emacs" road and decided that there are too many rough edges for my taste, so I confine it to text-processing related tasks.

All my configuration is available online.

I always use a task-manager of some sort, currently Things, in the past also org-mode, OmniFocus, and 2Do.

I have also gotten pretty proficient at KiCad over the last few years.


Siglent SDS1104X-U
100MHz scope with amazing value. I sometimes wish I had the 1104X-E's much larger FFT, but otherwise there is not much on the market below ~3000€ that I would be interested in.
Rigol DP832
Linear bench power supply, fully upgraded. Complete overkill for what I am doing, but handy for audio work.
Brymen BM235
Multimeter. Measures all the things, accurate, and robust. Sadly not the blue version.
Miniware TS80P
Running IronOS. I used to have a Weller WE1010, but lack of bench space meant I had to set it up every time. The TS80P does not feel weaker subjectively, perhaps due to the integrated heating element tips.